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Women’s March Organizer Sarsour Sees Convicted Terrorist Friend Stripped Of Citizenship, Banned Forever From US

August 20, 2017 Tyler Durden 0

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh lost her citizenship and will be banned from America forever for intentionally falsifying her US immigration documents to hide a previous terrorism conviction. As Daily Caller reports, Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour has a long history of defending the soon-to-be-deported terrorist.

Following an in-depth investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations, a statement entitled “Convicted terrorist stripped of citizenship, ordered deported for failing to disclose ties to deadly bombing” was released…

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, 70, lost her United States citizenship, and will be deported from the United States for having obtained her United States citizenship unlawfully, Daniel L. Lemisch, acting United States Attorney announced. Joining Lemisch in the announcement was Steve Francis, HSI Detroit special agent in charge.


“Today’s court action clears the way for this defendant’s removal from the United States and should serve as an unequivocal message that the U.S. will never be a haven for those seeking to distance themselves from their past atrocities,” said Steve Francis, HSI Detroit special agent in charge.


Odeh, a Chicago-area resident, was sentenced by United States District Judge Gershwin A. Drain. During the sentencing hearing, Judge Drain indicated that he would sign an order, today, revoking Odeh’s United States citizenship. As a result of that order, Odeh will no longer have legal status in the United States, will be deported to her nation of citizenship, Jordan, and is barred for life from reentering the United States. Judge Drain said Odeh intentionally falsified her U.S. citizenship documents and this sentence should be a deterrent to others thinking of lying to gain admission into the United States and citizenship.

Lemisch explained Odeh’s past as a convicted terrorist before she immigrated to the U.S. in 1994 on an immigrant visa:

In 1969, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine conducted two bombings in Jerusalem, Israel.


One was at a Supersol supermarket, in which two individuals were killed and many more wounded. The second bombing was at the British Consulate.


Defendant Odeh was arrested and charged with participation in the bombings, and in 1970 was convicted. She was sentenced to life imprisonment, but was released in 1979 after ten years’ imprisonment, as part of a prisoner exchange.


In numerous television and video interviews throughout the years, other admitted participants in the bombings named Odeh as the person who chose the supermarket as a target, scouted the location and placed the bomb.

As a reminder, far-left Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour (who so many women seem to look up to as organizer of the Women’s March), recently called for Muslims to wage a form of “Jihad” against President Donald Trump.

In April, Sarsour spoke alongside Odeh at an event and gave her a warm embrace, The Daily Caller reported at the time.

The New York Post reported at the event Sarsour said she felt “honored and privileged to be here in this space, and honored to be on this stage with Rasmea.”

Why Every Black Activist Should Stand With Rasmea Odeh by @marclamonthill #BlackLivesMatter #FreePalestine

— Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour) October 13, 2015

Targeting, criminalizing, deporting torture victims like Rasmea Odeh reminds me once again how we lost our way as a nation. #Justice4Rasmea

— Linda Sarsour (@lsarsour) November 11, 2014

Daily Caller notes that, in her plea agreement, Odeh admitted to lying about her criminal history by claiming that she had never been arrested, convicted of a crime, or imprisoned.

“Had Odeh revealed the truth about her criminal history, as she was required to by law, she never would have been granted an immigrant visa, admitted to the United States, allowed to live here for the last 22 years, or granted United States Citizenship,” ICE also noted in their statement.

Dear ‘Left’ – defend that!

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EUR/USD stable at 1.1750: to 1.20 or 1.15?

August 20, 2017 Yohay Elam 0

After a few weeks of significant advances, EUR/USD made a significant correction but never went too far. What’s next? Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: EUR/USD: Modest Consolidation; Near-Term Dips Buying opportunities – TD TD FX Strategy Research thinks the balance of risks favor some modest EUR/USD consolidation into Jackson Hole, especially noticing that it is […]

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Brexit – Meanwhile, Franfurt and Dublin battle it out to attract banks

August 20, 2017 Eamonn Sheridan 0

As expectations ramp up of banks to leave London, Germany and Ireland continue to jostle for the jobs that’ll be up for grabs
Via Reuters:
– “I’m here to send you the regards of the Federal Chancellor. I am entitled to tell you we want you in Germany.” This private message from Angela Merkel, delivered by a

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Which States Have The Most Mortgage Fraud

August 20, 2017 Tyler Durden 0

In a recent blog post by CoreLogic, the real estate consultancy has determined the regions of the U.S. that have the highest correlation with the National Mortgage Fraud Risk index.  The regions that are most highly correlated with fraud risk are areas that will be the best predictors of nationwide mortgage fraud.  In fact, one can look at a few highly correlated regions to predict fraud risk on a national scale.

The heatmap (figure 3) shows the correlation of each region to the National Trend.  Mousing over a region shows the region name, the tracking score, and the percentage level of the lowest to highest possible tracking score (-1.0 to 1.0).  The heatmap has two layers (that can be toggled in the top-right menu of the map), one for state and one for CBSA.  The CBSAs are limited to the top 50 CBSAs based on population.

California and Maryland have the highest correlation with the national trend for risk (see figure 2). 

The two states have tracking scores of 0.49 and 0.47 respectfully.  To put this in perspective, the next highest correlated state is Massachusetts with a tracking score of 0.1.  All other states have a tracking score less than a 0.  When California and Maryland are combined by averaging, the tracking score climbs to 0.72.  The correlation typically increases the more regions that are added because the national score is a combination of all regions.  However, the combined correlation gets worse when combining more states in descending order of correlation. It requires combining more than 6 states before it becomes better than combining California and Maryland alone.

Finding the states that are correlated is good but looking at smaller
regions is better.  Smaller regions have a reduced number of
contributing fraud factors to analyze
.  Along with the states, CoreLogic also
looked at the correlation for metropolitan areas, commonly referred to
as core-based statistical areas (CBSA).  Utilizing the same process, the
number of CBSAs that best fits the national trend can be reduced to
three.  CBSAs are smaller than states and are less likely to be
predictive of the national trend (see figure 1). 

However, combining
only three CBSAs provide a strong correlation to the National Fraud Risk
Trend.  The three CBSAs are Baltimore-Columbia-Townson with a tracking
score of 0.43, San Francisco-Oakland-Heyward with a tracking score of
0.26, and San Diego-Carlsbad with a tracking score of 1.6.
Boston-Cambridge-Newton is the only other CBSA with a tracking score
higher than 0.   The top 3 CBSAs combined has a tracking score of 0.64. 
Combining more CBSAs will slightly increase the correlation percentage
but not significantly.  There are 935 CBSAs in the Nation and the top
three most correlated CBSAs only cover 12.2 Million out of 319 Million
people (3.8%) in the US.

According to CoreLogic, the national trend is not influenced by the largest population CBSAs as one might expect, due to more fraud instances given a larger volume of mortgages.  The top three CBSAs based on population (New York City, Las Angeles, and Chicago) with the highest of the three having a tracking score of -0.96 and a combined tracking score of -1.0.  The same is true for CBSA’s with the highest fraud risk (Miami, Daytona Beach, and New York City), each one having a tracking score of -1.0.

Understanding the highly correlated regions helps to identify the contributing factors that lead to fraud.  When looking across the nation, the number of potential factors is large and with the combination of the factors, the number becomes very large.  This make it almost impossible to find the contributing factors.  It is useful to see that the correlated regions are limited to just a couple of CBSA because it might reduce the number of potential factors to the point allowing analysts to identify the contributing factors.  

* * *

Meanwhile, a separate analysis from Bankrate has revealed the Top 10 states for mortgage fraud: it found that Florida led the way by a large margin, with eight times the number of expected mortgage fraud investigations, according to the LexisNexis Mortgage Fraud Index. Nevada came in second, with just more than 2.5 times the number of expected investigations. Those two states showed some of the worst declines during the collapse of the housing bubble.

  1. Florida   
  2. Nevada   
  3. Arizona  
  4. Delaware   
  5. Illinois   
  6. New Jersey  
  7. California   
  8. Michigan   
  9. Georgia   
  10. New York   

The most common type of mortgage fraud involves false information on applications, according to the FBI. This category includes incorrect borrower names, lies about the borrower’s job or income, misrepresentations about debts or assets, mismatched signatures, invalid Social Security numbers, and untruths about occupancy — in other words, the borrower says the home will be a primary residence when it’s really an investment property.

Other common types of fraudulent activity include: lying on tax returns and financial statements; Appraisal fraud; False information about the borrower’s bank deposits; Faked verifications of employment; Fraudulent escrow or closing documents; Falsified credit documents.

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The post Which States Have The Most Mortgage Fraud appeared first on

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Economic data due from Asia today

August 20, 2017 Eamonn Sheridan 0

A light calendar for the day unlikely to have much immediate FX impact – it that will pick up a little later on into early Europe
2245GMT – New Zealand migration figures for July. June was a record month.
The post Economic data due from Asia today…

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Bannon Promises “One Big Happy Family” If Moderates Fall In Line Behind Trump

August 20, 2017 Tyler Durden 0

“Bannon the Barbarian” has been spending a lot of time talking to reporters since being fired by President Donald Trump on Friday. During an interview with Bloomberg, his first after being relieved of his duties as Trump’s chief strategist and returning to his former leadership role at Breitbart, Bannon claimed that he was going “to war” for Trump, and that he would marshal the resources of Breitbart, the Government Accountability Institute and the power and rage of Trump’s base against any establishment Republicans and Democrats who stand in the way of the president’s nationalist agenda.

He repeated his warnings against establishment Republicans during an interview with The Washington Post on Saturday, saying that the president’s enemies in Congress should either fall in line or risk being targeted.

“In an interview in Washington on Saturday, Bannon warned Republican leaders to enthusiastically support Trump’s priorities on taxes, trade and funding a massive border wall — or risk the wrath of the president’s base, including Breitbart, to which Bannon returned Friday as executive chairman.”

If Republicans enthusiastically support Trump’s priorities on taxes, trade and funding a massive border wall, everything will be “sweetness and light,” Bannon said. However, he doesn’t expect moderates to capitulate so easily.

“’If the Republican Party on Capitol Hill gets behind the president on his plans and not theirs, it will all be sweetness and light, be one big happy family,’ Bannon said. But Bannon added with a smile that he does not expect “sweetness” anytime soon — and described the turbulent political moment in the Republican Party and the country as a necessary battle over Trump’s priorities.”

In what sounds like an implicit threat against Gary Cohn and the other purported “globalists” in Trump’s orbit, Bannon complained that the White House has become hopelessly divided on its priorities and agenda because of the ongoing battle between Trump’s Nationalist base and Trump’s more mainstream advisers a group that includes not only Cohn but the President’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. 

“No administration in history has been so divided among itself about the direction about where it should go,” Bannon said, adding that Trump’s base is frustrated by a congressional agenda that has dovetailed more with traditional Republican priorities than the agenda Trump championed.”

Several of Bannon’s friends told WaPo that the former top strategist would probably be more effective outside the White House.

“Several friends and former co-workers said that they expect Bannon to use the platform to attack his political opponents, including those he has derided as “globalists” and Democrats inside the White House.


‘I think Steve is going to be more effective on the outside,’ said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union and a longtime friend of Bannon. ‘On the outside, if you are well-funded and you are feared and you have a platform, you are going to be a power player. Steve has all of that in spades.’”

Most agreed that Bannon would probably retain at least some of his influence with the president, who has been known to call former advisers late in the evening after Chief of Staff John Kelly has left for the day.

“With Donald Trump, once he likes you, you’re either in his inner orbit, or you’re in his outer orbit,” said Christopher Ruddy, chief executive of Newsmax Media and a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla. “You never leave altogether.”

To a degree, the White House’s feuding factions represent broader national divisions, Bannon said.

“The tensions in the White House are slightly different than the tensions in the country. It’s still a divided country. Fifty percent of the people did not support President Trump. Most of those people do not support his policies in any way, shape or form,” Bannon said.

Bannon also warned that both Republicans and Democrats weren’t paying enough attention to working people around the country.

“Bannon said both Republicans and Democrats will need to pay close attention to the anxiety among many working people in the country over economic opportunity and national identity, even as they work to settle their turf fights in Washington.”

Everybody in Washington already knows that Bannon’s resources in the coming battle for the soul of the Trump presidency are nearly limitless: He has the backing of the family of billionaire Robert Mercer, an early supporter of president Trump, and his daughter, Rebekah Mercer, was an executive on the president’s transition team. Presumably, he’s telling every reporter who will listen about his war plans as a scare tactic. Bannon, who developed a reputation as an untrustworthy leaker at the White House, has never had a reputation for subtlety. 

President Trump has praised Bannon publicly and congratulated his move back to Breitbart, saying “fake news” like CNN could use the competition. 


Steve Bannon will be a tough and smart new voice at @BreitbartNews…maybe even better than ever before. Fake News needs the competition!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 19, 2017


But while Chief of Staff John Kelly, Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn and maybe even Kushner and Ivanka Trump are probably celebrating Bannon’s departure from the West Wing, the question is, will Bannon be a bigger threat to the Trump-team globalists from outside the White House than he was on the inside?

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